The actin gene in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 5' and 3' end mapping, flanking and putative regulatory sequences.


The 5' and 3' flanking regions of the yeast actin gene have been sequenced and the ends of the actin mRNA were determined by the single-strand nuclease mapping procedure. The mRNA starts with a pyrimidine residue 141 (or 140) nucleotides upstream from the initiation codon. The actin gene lacks a typical "TATA" box 30 base pairs upstream from the mRNA start site but it contains a region homologous to the canonical sequence 5'-GGCTCAATCT-3' which is found in several eukaryotic genes 70 to 80 bp upstream from the mRNA cap site. Judging from the S1 nuclease mapping, there are two populations of actin mRNA terminating 98 and 107 nucleotides downstream from the stop codon. The 3' termini are preceded by three AATAAA sequences found in most eukaryotic polyadenylated mRNAs.


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