Non-electrolytic capacitor LED driver with feedforward control


In this paper, the design and implementation of a non-electrolytic capacitor LED driver is proposed. The proposed driver includes a Boost PFC converter as first-stage and a LLC Resonant Converter as second-stage. With feedforward control, the output current ripple can be reduced without electrolytic capacitor, the lifetime of the driver will be increased. In this paper, the operating principles of the LLC resonant Converter with feed-forward control will be discussed. Besides, the optimized design of the proposed control scheme will be discussed, too. Finally, a two-stage non electrolytic capacitor LED driver is implemented to drive 150 W LED load. Experimental results show that the proposed circuit can be operated at 90~264V<sub>rms</sub> AC input voltage range and the highest efficiency is 90.4 %. The output current ripple and LED efficacy will be also verified.


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