Fluidice-overlay Diagram


-Exploration in areas of “high strangeness” has resulted in a new theory of interdimensional mind/matter transduction [1] and in such data as the observation of water running uphill and the exposure of significant markings on photos by stripping the scan of standard UV masking (i.e.: removing the shadows) [2] as well as anecdotal data involving nonsequential and time strange occurrences both preceding and following the actual exploration. Since Macer-Story sees no need to re-invent the wheel, theories of the “new physics” which have already been published will be cited as background to the explanation of the new theory of “fluidice” so that the new theory may be mutually understood. .In similar fashion, the similarity of the “traction fluidice” described in this paper to the mechanisms of the traditional Kabbalah and other number transduction systems of divination such as the I Ching is recognized and


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